Videos Of Our Top Halloween Costumes For 2012

Ah, how we love a good youtube video, and it seems more and more of you are using video channels to shop online. A great way of viewing products from different angles and slightly more entertaining than looking at pages and pages of images. Our Womens Halloween Costumes Video from last year has received over 229,000 hits so far – and our 2012 Halloween Costume Video for men and women is fast catching up! Try the video shopping experience now and subscribe to our youtube channel for weekly updates. Our full range of Halloween videos can be found right here… Hope you enjoy them!

The Anatomy Man Costume

Our top pick for Men’s Halloween Costumes for the 2012 season is the deluxe Anatomy Man Second Skin Costume.

Anatomy Man CostumeThe super freaky costume comes complete with a full body suit, designed to mould to your natural body shape for a comfortable fit, with all-over, authentic looking muscle print plus coordinating full head mask with prominent vein detail.


The suitably gruesome look has already been sported by a certain Harry Styles this year. The One Direction star took to a London park to show off his new suit, perhaps in preparation for a Halloween themed party…?

Harry Styles Muscle Morphsuit

The morphsuit trend has really taken off over the past two years and we predict the gory Anatomy Man Second Skin Suit costume to be a big hit for the October festivities. Available in two sizes, eligible for FREE UK delivery plus part of our Win A Holiday To Florida Costume Competition. Visit the website for full details.

The Pumpkin Princess Costume

Leg Avenue Pumpkin Princess CostumeWe are so excited to present the Leg Avenue Pumpkin Princess Costume – brand new for Halloween 2012 and highlighted as the top pick of costumes in our Top 10 Womens Halloween Costumes for this year. The super cool, bang on trend outfit features an orange tiered dress with all-over glitter decor, black glitter pumpkin face detail and matching pumpkin top fascinator hair piece. The particularly pretty oversized back bow and a pair of detachable clear straps complete the set.

Leg Avenue Sexy Pumpkin Halloween Fancy DressWe are all fighting over who gets to wear this fabulous costume to the staff Halloween party but for our lucky UK customers this outfit is available in three sizes and in stock now for FREE or express delivery, from our Womens Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes range. Our European, Australian and US customers can choose from saver and express delivery options. Trick or Treat…..? This one is most definitely a treat!

Kim Kardashian Looks Puuurfect For Halloween 2012

Kim Kardashian is known for her trend setting costumes for the Halloween season. Last year she sported a rather sexy Poison Ivy Costume, complete with full red wig. This year it looks as though the reality star is opting for a sexy leopard print catsuit – making cats and leopards all the rage for our fashionista customers for Halloween 2012.

Kim Kardashian Poison Ivy Halloween CostumeFor the stunning look Miss K was pictured in last year check out the Leg Avenue Vicious Vixen Costume. Available in two sizes with FREE UK delivery and express delivery options available to our overseas customers.

Kim Kardashian Leopard Halloween Catsuit

For this year’s leopard print look, we have a range of similar styles, favoured by many a celeb already, including Nicki Minaj, TOWIE’s Lucy Mecklenburgh, Nicky Hilton and Pixie Lott.

Leg Avenue Cougar CostumeLeg Avenue Wicked Wildcat CostumeLeg Avenue Wild Tigress Costume

Costume Inspiration: Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Fancy Dress Costumes

A huge trend for 2012 is the Nicki Minaj Fancy Dress theme! Popular for Halloween, New Years Eve and concert attendance – the eccentric, rapping, wig wearing, fashion icon makes a great choice for Barbs & Kens and those looking to get creative and outlandish.


The singing superstar is well know for a range of favourite looks including leopard print, the colour pink, barbie blonde and rainbow. Pick two or three of these, mix it up a bit and voila! It’s important to apply your chosen style from head to toe. A Nicki Minaj wig is imperative, think two tone, pastel pink or bleach yellow blonde. Rainbow tip nails, false eyelashes, bright pink lipstick, ghetto silver jewellery and quirky animal print accessories are all options – cheetah print, leopard print and giraffe print have all been spotted on Miss Minaj.

Nicki Minaj Rainbow NailsNicki Minaj Wigsbarbie necklaceLeg Avenue Cougar Costume

The Blood Drip Nurse Costume

After the massive success of the huge Zombie theme during the last Halloween season, the fancy dress costume industry has responded with the biggest and best zombie costume collection yet. The undead are suddenly super sexy and uber fashion conscious, striking a cool balance between blood and gore & trendy sex appeal. We all want to live in Death Valley where the blood thirsty zombie nurses are the occupation of choice.

Blood Drip Nurse CostumeIntroducing the Blood Drip Nurse Costume, from our sexy fancy dress range, featuring an impressive five pieces, including white corset bodice with metal front bust closure, matching trendy pencil skirt, contrast red bolero jacket plus choker and nurse head piece set. The entire outfit is smothered in delicious faux blood stains – with the coordinating blood stain stockings and blood drip wig available from our Halloween Costume Accessories selection.

Blood Drip Zombie Nurse Fancy DressThe newest version of the zombie nurse costume is an eligible outfit from our Win A Holiday To Florida Competition – visit the website for full details. Australian and US customers can choose from express shipping 1-3 days and the standard international delivery service (5-8 days) to ensure delivery in time for Halloween. European customers can expect delivery in 3-5 days with all Halloween Costumes qualifying for FREE UK delivery.

The Dead & Buried Bride Costume

Leg Avenue Dead and Buried Bride Costume

One of the most exciting new releases for Halloween 2012 is a super sexy version of the ever popular Corpse Bride costume. The Leg Avenue Dead & Buried Bride Costume features a deluxe black mini dress with tutu skirt and effective grey gauze wrap detail. Tie, wrap, stretch, shred – the gauze decor is beautifully adaptable, creating a unique look for each wearer. A pair of removable clear straps, for a comfortable and personal fit are also included, with the matching grey bride veil completing the fashionable look. Go for pale white face make up, black lipstick and gothic eyes to complement the theme and a pair of distressed net tights for an edgy effect, as pictured.

Dead and Buried Bride Fancy DressThe fabulous new sexy Corpse Bride costume qualifies for FREE delivery to all UK addresses and is in stock now, available from our Womens Halloween Fancy Dress collection. US and Australian customers can choose from express 1-3 day shipping or the standard 5-8 day delivery service. European orders can be sent via 1-3 day express or 3-5 days delivery methods.

Vampire Make Up Tips For Halloween 2012

Love them or think they utterly suck (hehe!), vampires have been big news for the past couple of years, and the trend looks set to continue this year when it comes to Halloween costumes. Supernatural action and the raw sex appeal derived from the uber popular Vampire Diaries and True Blood series means that more and more of you are looking to recreate the beauty, agility and fatal biting techniques of the newest crowned heroes.

True Blood Make Up


With a host of sexy vampire costumes flying out of our Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes collection faster than Edward Cullen up a mountain of trees (‘better hold on spider monkey’ bleeeurgh), we are often asked for tips and tricks when it comes to completing the look in regards make up and hair.


Firstly, no vampire costume is complete without a set of fangs. Scarecrow are the world renowned manufacturer of the most deluxe and sought after fang caps – designed to affix to your own teeth, ensuring eating, drinking and talking are not hindered at all. Our most popular style are the Scarecrow Love Bite Fangs, natural looking, with a healthy shine and come complete with a simple adhesive mixture, ensuring a quick and easy fit.

Scarecrow Love Bite Fang CapsThe Scarecrow Blood Tipped Fangs are a fabulous alternative, with the same natural colouring and easy to apply moulding adhesive, but with the added effect of a prominent blood drip at the very point of the fang.

Scarecrow Blood Tipped Fangs♣♣♣♣♣

Depending on your costume, and the style of vampire you wish to achieve, there are a range of professional looking wounds and scars that can add a unique, finishing touch to your completed look.


Vampire Bite Scar Prosthetic

The Vampire Bite Scar Prosthetic is applied to the neck in a similar fashion to a temporary tattoo and creates two distinctive fang marks. Add some fake blood to the latex piece for added gore.

Woochie Stake Prosthetic The stake through the heart prosthetic from the fantastic range of Woochie wounds and latex has been specifically designed for the traditional vampire look. Amazingly authentic looking, this easy to apply addition will impress anyone at your chosen Halloween event.

Woochie Vampire Face ProstheticProbably the most popular of the Woochie prosthetics is the Transylvanian Face appliance, creating a unisex, dipped, sinister brow effect. Combine with some white face paint and a pair of fang caps to create the truly film quality look.


Costume wigs are always a great option when it comes to coordinating your locks with your completed outfit. For the men, the now famous Robert Pattinson style from the Twilight films is perfect for the fashionable indie vampire.

Edward Cullen Vampire Wig

For the women, a jet black pin up style with a deathly pale face works well with a whole host of vampire looks. Keep the hair away from the face, making the eyes and lips the focal points.

Black Pin Up Wig


For those looking for a really dramatic look check out these superb vampire make up tutorial videos. The first is easy to follow and achieve, with basic products including eye shadow, foundation and eyeliner used to create the professional effect. Ideal for female sexy vampires, with a little added macabre. The fantastic under-eye veins are also great for male vampires and beautifully effective. Subscribe to Melissa’s Youtube Channel for a whole playlist of Halloween make up guides.

For the more confident make up wizards, with access to latex and prosthetics, this step by step guide by the super talented Pinkstylist will take you through a thorough explanation of how to achieve the most evil, show-stopping vampire make up look that will really freak your mates out. Enjoy!

The Fever Madame Vamp Costume

Fever Madame Vamp CostumeProbably the sexiest vampire themed costume from our Halloween Fancy Dress range for 2012 and priced at just £35.99! The three piece costume combines the seductiveness of burlesque clothing with a victorian vampire twist and features a striped, satin effect bustier with bow accents plus matching bustle skirt with attractive pleat ruffle trim. The mini hat is placed on an alice band for an easy and secure fit. Find the long black gloves in our burlesque gloves range and the stunning striped hold up stockings in the fashion stockings online collection. Add a pair of deluxe vampire fang caps and some refined, gothic make up for a truly elegant, yet distinctly sinister look.

Sexy Vampire Fancy DressFor those going for a more obvious, traditionally blood thirsty look, check out our make up tutorial series and the upcoming vampire tips and tricks edit – full of blood and gore. Visit the website for full details and sizing for the Madame Vamp outfit. This exquisite costume qualifies for FREE delivery to any UK address and is also an eligible costume from our fantastic Halloween holiday giveaway in association with

The Egyptian Mummy Costume

A brand spanking new release from the 2012 Womens Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes range and most definitely a unique costume. The Leg Avenue Egyptian Mummy costume takes it’s inspiration from the well known Mummy films and features a cream coloured mini dress made from authentic looking gauze plus matching sleeve and leg wraps. Also included in the the show-stopping outfit is extra gauze for your own personal touch. Cover your feet, legs – even your face! Great for all you creative lovelies who don’t like to compromise fashion (bodycon ahoy!) and really want something different for the Halloween season this year.

Leg Avenue Egyptian Mummy CostumeOur love for our wonderful customers is spread over the Winter months as we continue to offer FREE delivery on ALL UK orders while our overseas clients can choose from a range of shipping methods to suit budget and timescales. Remember to visit the website for your chance to win a Halloween holiday for four to Florida!