New Collection Sneak Peek: Monsters

As predicted in our Top 10 Fancy Dress Costume Ideas 2012 page, the Monster theme is going to be a ‘roaring’ success (see what we did there) for Halloween 2012. Sod the vampires, let’s face it, Twilight’s Breaking Dawn Part 1 was rather disappointing, leaving us with little hope that the conclusion will be any better. R-Patz has moved on to other, just as moody, roles and we have all kinda given up hope of ever being bitten. Sexy witch fancy dress costumes are soooo over and zombies are just a bit too gory and bloody for our liking. Cue the Monster look! Yep, monsters get sexy this year and we will be stocking sexy fancy dress costumes in the form of animated monsters. The 2012 Leg Avenue Fancy Dress Collection feature these little gems and you lucky people get to see a cheeky sneak peek. Think ‘Monsters Inc’, rather than hairy werewolves or Yetis, in bold and bright Disney Pixar style colours with matching furry boots. Waaahoo – hurry up October!!


Leg Avenue Monsters Fancy Dress Costumes

Leg Avenue Flirty Girty Costume

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