Get The Look: Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a global superstar thanks to her catchy tunes, compelling attitude and of course her eccentric and quirky dress sense. A popular icon to dress up as for hen nights, birthdays and Halloween and sure to be the talking point of any party. The pop star has had so many different looks, the choice is extensive – here are a few ideas for some Katy Perry fancy dress costumes;


The ‘California Gurls’ music video is an unforgettable hit by Miss Perry and is not too difficult to put together yourself. All you need is a pair of blue denin shorts that can be customised with some glitter or rhinestones and a strapless bra or bikini top that should, again, be personalised with some colourful faux gem stones. Wack out the bostik glue, a pencil with some blu tack attached to the end and a saucer or small plate. Spread your stones or glitter (available to buy from any fabric or craft shop) on to the saucer and use the blu tack on the pencil to pick up the stones and dab on the glue to the flat sides. Then, with the stones still attached to the blu tack, carefully place each gem onto the shorts in whatever pattern you like. Repeat this process with the bra / bikini top. Add the all important blue Katy Perry wig, some pumps and you are good to go!

Katy Perry Fancy Dress Costume

Katy Perry Blue Wig

The ‘Last Friday Night’ music video is one of Katy Perry’s most recent hits, in which she yet again dons a completely different look from any other we have seen from her. Sure to be instantly recognised by all other partygoers her quirky look makes a great choice for a Katy Perry fancy dress costume. All you need is a neon pink top, clashing neon green bodycon skirt, lots of multicoloured bangles, topped off with the Katy Perry Last Friday Night Wig. To complete the look, and make it as authentic looking as possible, copy the star’s strange shoe choice and don a different coloured heel on each foot.

Katy Perry Fancy Dress Costume

Katy Perry Brown Wig

For a more classic Katy Perry fancy dress costume you can easily copy one of her most recent looks by opting for her favoured striped fishnet mini dress, matching skirt and some cool LA shades.

Katy Perry Fancy DressKaty Perry Costume

Leg Avenue Striped Fishnet Mini Dress

For more updates on Katy Perry’s exciting wardrobe and matching Katy Perry fancy dress costumes check back with our blog. Our eyes are continually peeled!

Hair Styles At The Grammys

Last week saw the annual ‘look how talented and beautiful we are – lets pat ourselves on the back’ ceremony for the music industry – generally known as ‘The Grammy Awards’. The usual music A Listers hit the red carpet, some sporting the most annoyingly beautiful gowns making us hate our pay packets even more, while others – mentioning no names – Fergie, Sasha Gradiva, Robyn, Skylar Grey got it oh so wrong. Clearly trying to make a splash in the morning papers and competing for attention with the big hitters of the night these ladies went hard, but really should have gone home.


Sexy Fancy DressSexy Fancy Dress


Celebrity WigsCelebrity Wigs


As we are always looking for inspiration for our Celebrity Wigs collection, our tired eyes managed to pick out a few gems in the hair style department whilst watching the live stream through the night. Our design team are working hard to perfect some new do’s inspired by Katy Perry, Alicia Keys, Adele and Rihanna. Meanwhile you can check out the newest additions to our celebrity wigs and costume wigs collection with 2012 styles based on wigs worn by Nicki Minaj, the TOWIE girls, Lady Gaga and Jessie J.


Celebrity WigsKaty Perry WigCelebrity WigsCelebrity Wigs

Celebrity Wigs, Costume Wigs

New Collection Sneak Peek: Cupcakes

Every year around this time we all get very excited to see the new images from the newest Leg Avenue Fancy Dress Costume collection. The 2012 collection looks to be the best yet (we know, we say that every year but it’s always true!) and the Summer release date cannot come quickly enough. Here is the first of our cheeky sneak peeks at some of the new little gems due to hit our shores in a few months. This scrumptious scene is inspired by Katy Perry’s ‘California Gurls’ delicious music video and features three of the Leg Avenue Cupcake Costumes: ‘Sugar & Spice’, ‘Babycakes’ and ‘Cupcake Cutie’. Not sure whether we want to eat them or wear them – can we do both…?


Leg Avenue Fancy Dress

Leg Avenue Fancy Dress, Leg Avenue Costumes

The 2012 Celebrity & Costume Wigs Collection

New music video showcasing our 2012 Celebrity & Costume Wigs collection:

Celebrity Wigs, Costume Wigs

The Blue Katy Perry Wig

Katy Perry Blue Wig: Presenting the deluxe quality blue Katy Perry signature wig. Our wigs are beautifully soft and silky and flow like human hair, made from 100% Japanese Kanekalon fibre, the most exquisite material on the market. The Katy Perry Blue Wig is inspired by the wig worn in the California Girls music video featuring long, electric blue curly design and straight, blunt fringe. Katy Perry has also been photographed numerous times on the World’s red carpets sporting this bright and bold style and is probably the most famous of her creative wigs. The hair is sewn onto an adjustable cap that will fit all sizes, no pins or tape required.


Blue Katy Perry Wig

Costume Wigs, Celebrity Wigs

Spotted on Katy Perry

The beautiful and talented Miss Katy Perry was spotted on a rooftop photo shoot in Miami wearing our Leg Avenue Striped Fishnet Mini Dress. The neon pink and black flirty creation has been a popular choice since it’s release last year and Katy looks stunning and suitably sun-kissed. Find the best seller in our Leg Avenue Clubwear collection.


Leg Avenue Striped Fishnet Mini DressLeg Avenue Striped Fishnet Mini Dress

Katy Perry Striped Pink Dress