Get The Look: Lady Gaga

We have all gone Gaga for Mamma Monster, her eccentric fashion choices, trend setting wigs, inspirational lyrics and ball breaking attitude. Love her or hate her the most influential singing super star of the last two years looks like she is here to stay. This of course makes Lady Gaga one of the most popular characters to dress up as for fancy dress costume parties and (we predict) Halloween 2012. The now iconic star has sported such a wide variety of looks, the choice is endless when it comes to replicating Lady Gaga’s look. You can be as creative and wild as you dare when it comes to costumes, hair and make up. Here we give you some inspirational ideas.


Lady Gaga Fancy Dress Costumes


The Lady Gaga Costume

Find the fabulous Leg Avenue Lightening Rocker Costume in our womens fancy dress collection. This super cool Lady Gaga inspired costume features a black wet look body suit with attached lace skirt, matching black lace sleeve and lace gauntlet gloves. The adjustable belt with prominent lightening bolt buckle completes this truly authentic looking costume.

Leg Avenue Lightening Rocker CostumeLeg Avenue Lady Gaga Costume


The Lady Gaga Tights

Our black shredded footless tights have actually been pictured on Lady Gaga herself, as part of one of the mega star’s day wear outfits. Pair the funky fashion tights with a customised ‘Born This Way’ denim jacket (a glue gun and some gem stones will do the trick), a studded beret, black cowboy boots and some fingerless fashion gloves and hey presto! One full Lady Gaga costume.

Leg Avenue Shredded Back Footless TightsLady Gaga See Through Shredded Tights


The Lady Gaga Wigs

No Lady Gaga costume would be complete without an authentic looking Lady Gaga wig! The entertainer is well known for her love of wigs and has been pictured in both classic and unique styles in every colour of the rainbow. Rather than changing her hair colour every other day, Gaga has wigs custom made for her and she has often talked of how she designs the funkiest wigs herself! The classic blonde coloured long Lady Gaga wigs have proven to be the most popular, the style she seems to favour above all others.

Lady Gaga Extra Long Blonde WigLady Gaga Yellow Telephone Wig

The Lady Gaga Make Up

You can find many tutorials online with step by step guides on how to achieve Lady Gaga inspired make up from all of her music videos and many of her red carpet and awards ceremony appearances. The singer loves to experiment with futuristic styles and bright colours. The video below takes you through every step of achieving the Lady Gaga Paparazzi look – one of the entertainer’s most stand out looks from one of her most impressive music videos.

Spotted On Lady Gaga

The world has indeed gone Gaga for the Poker Face singer, not only for her catchy tunes and her unique attitude but also for her more than edgy and trend setting outfits. Miss Gaga was spotted out and about in our Shredded Tights, wearing them as leggings it seems, paired with an embellished jacket, beret and signature fingerless gloves. Lady Gaga fashion at it’s best, gaga-oh-la-la!