The Top 10 Moments From Oscars 2012

If you were following our Twitter live stream throughout Sunday night you would have noticed that we had quite a bit of fun commentating on the Oscars 2012 red carpet and awards ceremony (even if Harry Potter was mightily snubbed and won nothing – boooooo!).

With the usual amount of fashion fails and fashion wows, tearful acceptance speeches and cheesy presenter skits, we were thoroughly entertained and concluded that the all nighter was worth it.

In case you missed the ceremony and only caught a glimpse of the news bulletins with a brief run down of the big winners, we have compiled a top ten list – real best bits of the Academy Awards 2012;



George Clooney (you know, that fit bloke from ER) didn’t win an Oscar for his role in the Descendants, ah never mind eh George. However, he still left the bash with his own life-size Oscar in the form of his latest squeeze –  wrestler/model/actress/presenter/ Stacy Keibler. We thought her shiny gold dress was a bit of a fashion fail, being that it’s 2012 and not 1986 and she was not in the movie ‘Working Girl’. Others have given her fancy dress a thumbs up. Meh, we will leave it to you to decide.

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Announced as presenting the award for Best Costume Design, JLO and Cameron Diaz strutted on stage and struck a traditional fash pose. Although her dress was gorgeous, we couldn’t help but notice some rather prominent tan lines on Miss Diaz, which kind of ruined the sophistication of it all a bit. As for JLO, sorry but her shimmery dress was spoiled by those ghetto style arm slits, we know you’re from the block Jenny, but really??? During the presentation, the A List ladies proceeded to burst into a fit of giggles – the audience clearly didn’t get the private joke, and we still don’t? Weird. It was widely speculated after the awards that Jenny had a wardrobe malfunction in the form of a nip-slip, but both her and her stylist have denied any such faux pas took place. So we’re still none the wiser as to what the hell they were laughing at – but whatever it was, it was bloody funny (appaz).

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Sandra Bullock has a bit of a rep of being one funny gal, quirky, but damn funny and at this year’s awards she did not disappoint. Before presenting an award (we can’t remember which one so it must have been of the boring variety) she announced that it would be in Chinese – but as she was raised by her German mother, she warned her speech may have a bit of an accent to it. Miss Bullock then of course proceeded to speak in fluent German resulting in raucous laughter from her easily pleased peers. Ah, funny, funny.

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Love him or hate him (or have a burning desire to punch him hard in his perfect face) you just can’t get away from the Biebster. The Oscars kicked off with the usual film montage with host Billy Crystal and various celebs appearing in some famous scenes. Cue Bieber, in a ‘Midnight In Paris’ scene, beckoning to Crystal and announcing that he had arrived to capture the 18-24 demographic for the show. The 18 year old mega star then proceeded to wish ‘Bob’ good luck (‘Bob’ being Billy, see it’s funny cos it appears that Justin has no idea who Billy is, brilliant, nice one). Credit where credit is due, Bieber played along and showed us that he doesn’t take himself too seriously and that he, and the show’s producers, understand the general perception of his crazy hard core fans.

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Miss Piggy and Kermit attended the bash (their new movie won an Oscar for Best Original Song!) and stole the show. Not only did their little legs manage to walk the red carpet and partake in various interviews, they also introduced an amazing performance by Cirque Du Soleil instigating ‘aaahs’ and ‘ooohs’ from the A List audience. A short-lived campaign to have the Muppets host the entire ceremony seemingly failed, but the most famous frog and pig off all time were included and got our vote for best couple.

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We didn’t really like her awards dress, soz, but then saw her second dress worn to the über pretentious Vanity Fair after party – and woooowzer! One of the best dresses of the night, freakin stunning! Why the hell did you not wear this to the ceremony woman????

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It was a welcome return for Billy Crystal – his ninth time hosting the Academy Awards, and after last year’s atrocious duo (Anne Hathaway and some bloke) we were pleased to see his smiling face (although he needs to chill out with the botox). We have to say that he did seem to play it a bit safe and only took one serious swipe at the attendees ( a dishevelled looking Christian Bale) but we were still pretty impressed. His traditional song, lightly sprinkled with subtle digs at the bigger stars was pretty good. It rhymed and he didn’t screw it up. Cool.

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Remember the time when Elizabeth Hurley ran on to the stage at the Oscars – demonstrating that she was bra-less? Well Angelina Jolie’s outstretched leg display reminded us of that (massive cringe) We can kind of understand why Liz opted for such a ploy – she wasn’t nominated for anything and wasn’t really that well-known, well, by anyone so she had to be mentioned in the after-show analysis some how right? As an Oscar-winning actress and one half of Hollywood royalty – Brangelina we can’t really get to grips with why such a huge star would need to make such a desperate plea for attention? Maybe her lack of recent nominations or the mediocre dress she was sporting had something to do with it, but whatever the reason, the whole thing was freakin weird! Cue some bloke who won a shiny trophy for Best Adapted Screenplay for ‘The Descendants’ who, after receiving the gong from a smug Jolie, began mimicking her strange pose on stage. We couldn’t gage the reaction of Brad or his missus (shame) but found it pretty damn funny, mixed with an entertaining splodge of awkwardness.

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The best red carpet moment of the evening and captured live by E! was undoubtedly Sasha Baron Cohen’s ash spilling stunt. Ryan Seacrest is so famous these days he rarely appears on his own news show or the majority of red carpet spots but for the Oscars he decided to make an effort. Pitching up in a Burberry tux and looking as smug as usual, his Hollywood smile was dramatically wiped from his face when Sasha’s newest character – The Dictator – requested the pleasure of an interview with the presenter. Throughout the amusing encounter The Dictator held a large urn with a prominent picture of North Korea’s recently deceased leader Kim Jong II emblazoned across the base. A few minutes in, the comedian ‘accidentally’ dropped the urn, spilling out the ‘ashes’ (apparently pancake mix), covering Seacrest in the process. The uniformed character was hastily dragged off by two surly security officers and ejected from the red carpet while Seacrest looked extremely pi**ed off for several minutes, desperately trying to brush down his now ruined outfit. Every camera in the vicinity switched to one very annoyed presenter while hilarious shouts of ‘Kim Jong, Kim Jong!’ could be heard from Baron Cohen in the distance. Priceless.

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We absolutely love Meryl Streep and have been in awe of her amazing talent for many years. Coupled with her amazingness she seems so bloody lovely which is seemingly rare among big stars these days (Madonna, JLO, Mariah). We were so so happy when she won her third Oscar (after 17 nominations!) and accepted the award with such a sweet speech, describing the audience as family and how much they all mean to her, ahhhhhh. Colin Firth presented the award addressing each nominated actress with the usual gushing of how exquisite, breath-taking and formidable they each are bla bla bla. Mr Darcy/King George saved his most honest and heart warming speech for his Mamma Mia co-star and it was clear the whole theatre shared his feelings for this brilliant lady, greeting her with a standing ovation. The old men in suits definitely got this one right.

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