Get The Look: Woochie Prosthetics

This year we are excited to present the Woochie prosthetics and make up effects, especially for the Halloween 2012 season. The Hollywood quality range is easy to use, tried and tested by make up professionals, producing truly superb results – with the ability to really freak your mates out. The prosthetics create gory wounds and scars, perfectly complementing a host of Halloween costumes including zombies, ghosts, ghouls, villains, vampires and demons.

Woochie Shredded Prosthetic Woochie Bloody Maggots Prosthetic

Woochie Ouch Prosthetic


All the Woochie prosthetics are applied in a similar way to a temporary tattoo, with full instructions, tips and tricks included with each product. Spirit gum is required for application, with fake blood and face paint available to add the finishing touches.

Woochie 3D Burn Prosthetic

Woochie Transylvanian ProstheticWoochie Small Devil Horns Prosthetic


Can’t be bothered to dress up this Halloween? A Woochie prosthetic is a simple fix – simply wear a regular Saturday night outfit and add a prosthetic to your face or body for a show-stopping effect. No fuss, instant impact. All of our fabulous prosthetics are available from our Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes collection and qualify for FREE delivery to all UK addresses.