How To Do Zombie Make Up For Halloween 2012

Next in the series of our Halloween 2012 make up tutorials is one of the best videos we have found all year. This step by step guide will show you how to create a realistic and truly scary zombie effect. This tutorial is ideal for anyone looking to create a zombie face but may not have a large choice of make up, appliances or equipment, and perfect for beginners or those not confident in make up techniques. The main basis for this zombie make up effect is… – Tissue! Look out for a great way of creating sinister, blood shot eyes really easily. Enjoy!

The second video is a more in depth look at how to attain a really cool Zombie effect, with a larger selection of products. Ideal for anyone who is confident in applying a range of creams, paints and powder. Great tip from Melissa too – to stop the fake liquid blood from staining your skin, apply thick layers of foundation as a base. The blood will then wipe off easily with the foundation. For more tutorial videos from the very talented Melissa visit her blog – Empressmakeup or subscribe on Youtube. ┬áVisit the Halloween category on the website for a whole host of zombie costumes to pair with your now perfected make up skills!