The Zombie Policeman Costume

Zombie Policeman CostumeAs massive fans of the hilarious MTV show – Death Valley – we just had to have the Zombie Policeman Costume ready for the Halloween festivities. The all-inclusive, yet budget price, outfit is ideal for anyone looking to get really creative with their make up and accessories for an upcoming Halloween party. Don’t be shy with your use of fake blood – the more the better and go for the quick, yet effective Zombie Spray, to create a really authentic deadened skin look. Bruises, dirty nails, clotted hair, blood shot eyes and gory wounds will enhance this fabulous look.

The easy-to-customise zombie costume includes shirt, tie, trousers and police hat – all suitably shredded and stained with blood. This new costume from our Halloween Fancy Dress collection for 2012 comes in at a jaw-droppingly low £21.99 – with FREE shipping available to ALL UK customers.