The Bellatrix Lestrange Wig

The Bellatrix Lestrange Wig: We love to hate the queen of the death eaters and Voldemort’s right hand woman (we so think they should have got together), so much that the Bellatrix costume has become a firm favourite all year round. An iconic villain, evil witch, book/film character and its’ so easy to do – wear lots of black, carry a wand, apply deathly white make up and black ringed eyes. Bellatrix’s hair is as wild and crazy as the lady herself so it’s important to accessorize your costume with the perfect Bellatrix Lestrange wig. Our range of costume and celebrity wigs are made from 100% Japanese kanekalon fibre, the most exquisite material on the market, making the hair feel and flow like real human hair – but at a snip of the price. The fabulous Belltarix Lestrange wig had us clapping just as hard as when Molly Weasley finally rid the World of the demented witch. With no pins, tape or styling required, it’s good to go.


Bellatrix Lestrange Costume Wig

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