It’s everywhere! Parties, events, stag do’s, hen nights, cricket matches, charity functions, fun runs, marathons – fancy dress costumes are as popular as ever. UK Halloween turnover increases each year in significant proportions and a huge chunk of this is of course down to the purchase of more and more fancy dress costumes – hey we’re following the USA as usual.

It can be hard to think of a new idea for a fancy dress costume or theme. Uniforms, 1970’s, sailors, bugs and bees – it’s all been done, a thousand times.

We have come up with a fresh list of fancy dress costume ideas, ideal for group themes, parties, couples and Halloween 2012. These are the costumes that have had customers buzzing over their release date and fit in well with the TV, film, fashion and music trends of the year.


We are a nation of animal lovers! TV shows pop up each week in homage to the cutest of domestic breeds and the scariest of the exotic variety. Winter 2011 we all went crazy for the super cool animal hood & mitten sets and this trend has now been converted into full-blown sexy fancy dress costumes.  Yep, pandas, zebras, wolves, polar bears – they have all gone sexy and are all available as fashionable fancy dress costumes for 2012. Great for group outings, Halloween or an entire party theme.


Leg Avenue Snowy Polar Bear CostumeLeg Avenue Savanna Zebra Costume


One of the most iconic films in history and voted the best musical EVER, let’s face it, we all know the words (and dance moves) to ‘Greased Lightning’ and ‘Summer Nights’. Licensed Grease Fancy dress costumes were previously released for Sandy and the Pink Ladies but let’s just say that the resemblance and quality weren’t that great. With the rocketing popularity of the musical on stage and screen and the stunning update to the Grease fancy dress costume range for 2012, we predict the 1950’s film trend to take off this year. Is it the one that you want…?


Leg Avenue Beauty School Drop Out CostumeLeg Avenue Good Sandy Costume

Leg Avenue Rydell High Cheerleader Costume


The circus theme conjures up images of bold colour, glitter, sparkle, magic, theatrics and glamour – a perfect mix for a fancy dress costume or theme. Gone are the days when clown costumes consisted of frumpy jumpsuits and huge shoes or when a ring master costume was for the men only. The circus is officially sexy thanks to the likes of Britney Spears, Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson (swooooon). 2012 sees the launch of the sexy circus fancy dress costume range, with oodles of lines soon to be added. A fabulous choice for unisex groups and special events/parties such as sweet sixteens, product launches and Summer balls.


Leg Avenue Harlequin Clown CostumeLeg Avenue Ring Mistress Costume


Always wanted to look good enough to eat? Now you can, literally, in a scrumptious sexy cupcake fancy dress costume. Cupcakes have been big news in the States for a few years now and ooooh how we love them. Slowly but surely the UK has caught on and the calorie overloaded treats get bigger and more colourful every time we visit the bakery! They are just too beautiful to resist. Cue a new range of sexy cupcake fancy dress costumes, inspired by Katy Perry’s delicious California Gurlz music video, ideal for restaurant/cafe promotions, food themed parties, summer festival shindigs and how cool for a hen night?


Leg Avenue Babycake CostumeLeg Avenue Sugar And Spice Cupcake Costume


The love for the sophistication of the 1930’s – 1950’s fashions is universally shared. TV shows, films and musical inspiration have increasingly been seen to stem from the three decades. The current and predicted fashions for 2012 such as the pencil skirt, playsuit, driving glove, fascinator and brogues mirror these mid 20th century trends and customer demand for fancy dress costumes from the same genre has been overwhelming. Go retro for any party or event in full costume and complement with matching decor and music for an unforgettable and unique night.


Leg Avenue Vintage Cigarette Girl CostumeLeg Avenue Pin Up Army Girl Costume


Seductive, alluring, mysterious and an ideal choice for a sexy fancy dress costume or theme is the Gypsy – in the traditional sense. ‘Big Fat Gypsy Weddings’ has ignited an infatuation with the community and their over the top celebrations but let’s go back to it’s roots. Think crystal balls, palm reading, fairs and round magical carriages (rather than 12 tiered wedding dresses or pineapple style bridesmaids outfits). Available for new season 2012 – the gypsy sexy fancy dress costume comes in both short and longer designs.


Leg Avenue Tarot Card Gypsy CostumeLeg Avenue Crystal Ball Gypsy Costume


We’ve done the vampire thing and the zombie theme and witches went out a few years ago. Halloween 2012’s biggest trend is set to be the monster fancy dress costume! Instead of guts and gore and scary looking teeth, think Sulley, Celia and all their cutsie pals from Disney’s ‘Monsters Inc’. Bright colours, furry boots, mini dresses and jumpsuits – yep – in time for Halloween 2012 we will have sexy monster fancy dress costumes! We are so excited for the arrival of October this year, more than ever and just watch the monster fancy dress theme take off – you heard it here first!


Leg Avenue Flirty Girty CostumeLeg Avenue Shaggy Shelly Costume


The nation has fallen in love with Essex, thanks to the TOWIE lot, and now it seems every TV channel, magazine cover and internet gossip spot features one of the glam cast members. A fabulous theme for an event and looking to be a massive trend for 2012, the Essex clan love a good fancy dress party and use any excuse to throw one – so let’s all ‘do one’ Essex stylie! Think fake tan, body con dresses, fur coats, jeweled belts, white stilettos topped off with an Essex Celebrity Wig and voila – you’ve got yourself a TOWIE fancy dress costume to make all your friends ‘wel jel’. Create your own Sugar Hut with a VIP area, vajazzling sessions, TOWIE themed cocktails and expensive champagne for a party that’s ‘a hundred percent’.


Lydia Towie Costume Wig

Billie TOWIE Costume Wig


The global superstar is challenging Lady Gaga in the ‘who can wear the craziest outfit’ competition, making her an excellent celebrity to replicate for a fancy dress theme. Leave no one in any doubt as to who you are in your Nicki Minaj tribute outfit – and even better – for a group theme, having each member in one of her many, many stand out costumes – just think pink and anything in leopard print! Nicki Minaj is also known for her eccentric wigs so finish off your outfit with the all important Nicki Minaj celebrity wig. Also great for couples – the other half could dress as Drake,, Lil Wayne, Madonna, Rihanna or any other music star that Miss Minaj has collaborated with. Customer demand for Nicki Minaj fancy dress costumes and wigs has sky rocketed over the past couple of months and we predict this to be a huge fancy dress trend for the coming year.


Nicki Minaj Super Bass WigNicki Minaj Curly Pink Wig

Nicki Minaj Fancy Dress Costume


Oh how we love, love, LOVE the Toddlers and Tiaras TV show! The overweight pushy mums, bratty kids throwing tear filled tantrums, oversized crowns, sparkly dresses, heavy make up and drama, drama, drama – makes for the best entertainment TV can offer. US chat show panels and many a celeb rocked the Toddlers & Tiaras Pageant Girl fancy dress costume for Halloween 2011 and we predict this trend to be one of the biggest for 2012. An easy-to-put-together costume – go for big hair, frilly white socks, a puffy mini dress, spray on tan, drag queen make up and a fake smile! For a Toddlers & Tiaras themed party, hand out awards for ‘Best Personality’, ‘Most Beautiful’ and ‘Ultimate Grand Supreme Drinker’ for fun. There is room for the beauty kings too remember!


Toddlers & Tiaras Fancy Dress CostumeLeg Avenue Little Miss Supreme Beauty Costume

For all the new sexy fancy dress costumes, celebrity wigs and costume wigs for the freshest themes and parties in 2012 check out the website.

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