Top 10 Men’s Halloween Costumes 2012

Men's Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes 2012

With the Halloween 2012 countdown now on, we are excited to present our top 10 list predictions for Men’s Halloween Costumes. We are always impressed with the effort that you guys put in to your entire outfits during the October festivities, with the men often just as creative (and competitive) as the ladies. Blood thirsty zombies, killer clowns and film villains are lurking among our top 10 – all of which qualify for FREE delivery for all UK customers, while our European, Australian and American clients can choose from a range of saver and express delivery options.

10. The Neon Skeleton Bones Fancy Dress Costume

Neon Skeleton Bones CostumeIdeal for ravers and clobber alike, the bright and bold Neon Skeleton Bones costume features a black top and matching black trousers with neon bone design plus coordinating mask. One of the busiest nights of the year for bars and clubs is October 31st, with themes, decorations and entertainment aplenty, you are really spoiled for choice when it comes to Halloween events. This skeleton fancy dress costume, with a fashionable futuristic twist, will undoubtedly be the star of any show.

9. The Hellboy Fancy Dress Costume

Hellboy Fancy Dress CostumeThe demon defender against the forces of darkness has a huge fan following and is a great choice for any horror film buff. The official licensed costume includes long beige capelet coat, signature oversized arm piece plus authentic looking deluxe mask with animated features. A deluxe Halloween costume bearing a striking resemblance to the character’s attire in the Hellboy films and perfect for anyone wishing to avoid the traditional  gory villain costumes.

8. Bubbles The Clown Fancy Dress Costume

Bubbles The Clown Fancy Dress Costume

The first of our scary evil clown fancy dress costumes in our top 10 list and as freaky as they come, is the Bubbles The Clown Costume. Our, maybe irrational, fear of the circus performers seems to be shared by many – probably thanks to films such as Stephen King’s IT and that terrifying Pennywise creature. The evil clown theme continues to gain popularity each year, adopted by you mean people looking to seriously scare your family and friends, and each Halloween season the newly released costumes do not disappoint. The three piece deluxe costume includes blue clown trousers with attached braces, striped t shirt with muscle top and tattoo plus super creep clown mask with attached mini hat and hair.

7. The Zombie School Boy Fancy Dress Costume

Zombie School Boy Fancy Dress CostumeThe Zombie School Boy costume is the perfect partner to the best selling Zombie School Girl costume and is predicted to be a best seller for Halloween 2012. The easy wear costume, with maximum impact, is the first of our zombie additions and features tattered, greying trousers, shredded white school shirt with attached jacket plus striped school tie. The entire outfit is spattered with blood stains and is ideally accessorised with a full face of grisly make up, wounds and scars.

6. The X Ray Second Skin Suit Fancy Dress Costume

X Ray Second Skin Suit CostumeThe first of our second skin suits, embracing the huge trend – with these suits appearing at sporting events, music festivals, rallies, club nights and a whole host of parties. The X Ray Second Skin Suit takes the skeleton themed costume to a whole new level for 2012 with the 3D blue bone all-over print. The under chin opening and concealed fly for easy toilet access makes this comfortable, stretchy lycra suit even more appealing to those looking for a costume to really make an entrance in.

5. The Kolorful Killer Klown Fancy Dress Costume

Kolorful Killer Klown CostumeThe second of our scary clown fancy dress outfits is the Kolorful Killer Klown costume. The  deluxe four piece creation adheres to the more traditional dress of a circus clown with bold, clashing trousers, warning sign braces and bright pink shirt. The fantastically hideous   deluxe clown mask with attached mini hat and hair will leave onlookers in no doubt that this is one monstrous circus freak. This new costume for Halloween 2012 will surely succeed in terrifying anyone, perhaps a rise in clown phobia cases in on the cards…

4. The Deputy Dead Fancy Dress Costume

Deputy Dead Zombie Police CostumeMTV’s Death Valley has been a huge hit this year, with the hilarity of the police force attempting to deal with the zombies and vampires in their town engrossing us all. The  tribute Deputy Dead costume is a super deluxe outfit with authentic looking police uniform shirt, badges, tie and hat – smeared with grisly blood stains. A versatile Halloween 2012 costume, perfect for a range of themes and ideal for any fan of the supernatural show.

3. The Autopsy Man Second Skin Suit Costume

Autopsy Man Second Skin Suit CostumeSuper effective Halloween 2012 costume and destined to be a top seller this year is the striking Autopsy Man costume. The white stretchy lycra suit fits and moulds to your own body shape and features under chin opening at the mask, concealed fly for easy toilet access and matching bum bag – perfect for storing wallets, phones and keys – who needs pockets?! The gruesome autopsy stitched scar will leave your fellow party-goers in no doubt as to exactly what you are dressed as – a fabulously unique and ingeniously designed costume from our range.

2. The Chucky Fancy Dress Costume

Chucky Fancy Dress CostumeThe official licensed Chucky costume from the hugely successful, and rather disturbing, Chucky films just misses out on the top spot for Halloween 2012. This fabulous, deluxe fancy dress costume is an exquisite tribute to the murderous doll character and includes blue dungaree suit, multi coloured striped top and deluxe Chucky mask with evil grimace, bloody nose and attached hair. He’s Chucky – we think you wanna play…?

1. The Anatomy Man Second Skin Suit Costume

Anatomy Man Second Skin Suit CostumeOur prediction for the most popular and well received men’s Halloween costume for 2012 is the fantastic Anatomy Man Man Second Skin costume. This gruesome, and scarily realistic looking effect, has already been sported by One Direction‘s Harry Styles this year and we think this outfit is pretty hard to resist. The stretchy lycra suit is available in two sizes and features an all-over muscle print plus matching mask. Sure to make the most show-stopping entrance at any event this October.

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